McCully Heritage Project

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Join us each Tuesday from 8 am to 10 am for COFFEE & CONVERSATION! If the weather is nice we'll have coffee in the pavillion. Everyone is welcome!

Our Watkins House is available for rental. Click here for details

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The McCully Heritage Project is a natural area made up of 940 acres of hills and hollows in Calhoun County, Illinois. The project offers 15 miles of hiking and horse back riding trails, two ponds for fishing and turtle watching, a wetland with a boardwalk, a hill prairie plot and more. Hiking is pleasant even in the summer as the wooded trails provide plenty of shade. Facilities are available for group activities, large and small. The focus of the McCully Heritage Project is upon cultural and environmental enjoyment, education, and preservation. The general public is welcome to hike, picnic, bird watch, and enjoy the natural beauty of the site.

LOCATION: The McCully Heritage Project is located about 1 mile south of Kampsville, Illinois, off of Illinois Route 100. Take Crawford Creek Road west about 1/2 mile to MHP.

Click here for maps and more detail, including GPS coordinates.


  • Reconstructed wetland with a boardwalk
  • Scenic overlooks of the Illinois River valley
  • Two fishing ponds
  • Demonstration hill prairie plot
  • 19th Century historic log cabin
  • Abundant wildlife including song birds, deer, wild turkeys, blue herons, fox, turtles, frogs and even bobcats
  • Wildflowers and trees galore
  • Picnic areas throughout the site

Facilities at the McCully Heritage Project include a large pavilion perfect for family reunions or celebrations of all sorts. Pit-style, handicapped accessible restrooms and potable water are available. Remote lodging is available in the old "Watkins House" (call for information).

Tent camping is available. Click here for details.

School groups or other large groups are welcome, but should call first to make arrangements.


Watkins House
We have recently renovated our the Watkins House on the south side of the McCully roperty. It is available for rental. Click here.


Birding at MHP
MHP is OPEN for Horseback Riding from April 15 to October 1.
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