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The McCully Heritage Project offers educational opportunities for area students, educators and adults. 

Learn about fresh water habitats with our Pond Life resource kit, available for use to study fresh water resources at the McCully Pond.

Learn about the trees of Illinois and global positioning systems (GPS) through our Tree-o-caching program.  It’s fun and educational!

Educational programs are currently being created at the McCully Heritage Project. Ideas and specific projects are currently being sought. Teachers or educators who would like to include MHP in their curriculum or as a field trip are encouraged to contact the Director.

Current directions for school related activities include the environment and science (all aspects); native plant species; education regarding invasive plant species; agriculture and gardening; tree-focused activities.

Volunteers and school groups are being sought to help plant and maintain an heirloom vegetable garden and to maintain & expand the native prairie plant plots on the site .

Other educational programing includes our Birding and our Tree-Focused programing and events.


Arrange a nature hike at MHP. Students get a chance to experience nature up-close. Contact MHP director for information.

ffd students
Students from Calhoun and Brussels High Schools participated in Forestry Judging Contest at the Forestry Field Day.
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