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With 940 acres of mixed habitat, the McCully Heritage Project provides an ideal setting for nature lovers of all ages. It seems wildflowers are always blooming attracting birds and insects galore. The wooded hillsides, open valleys and uplands provide ample food and shelter for white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, fox, coyote and even bobcats. Terrestrial turtles are often seen in the woods and uplands. Pond turtles can be found basking on the logs in the pond or floating on the surface of the pond, and snapping turtles turn up when the weather is right.

Even in the heat of the summer when it seems everything is wilting, wildflowers can be found along the trails of McCully. Click here for our Wildflower Gallery and Calendar (under construction).


Located in the bluffs and valleys along the Illinois River and only 5 miles from the Mississippi River, the McCully Heritage Project is an excellent spot for birding. Year-round bird residents and migrating birds can be found in the many habitats offered within the 940 acres of the project.

COMING SOON: McCully Heritage Project Board member and professional birder, Johanna Shipley is currently compiling a bird inventory for the area. When complete these inventories will be posted on the MHP website. Click here for a list from our Autumn bird walk, and a preliminary inventory.

Improvements are planned and being made to the Project to promote birding in the area. Plans include scheduled birding events throughout the year, a designated birding trail with bird blinds and viewing areas in prime birding habitats.

TURTLE-WATCHING: What the heck is turtle-watching?!?! Click here to find out.

TREES: The McCully Heritage Project is all about trees! MHP founder, Howard McCully was a tree-farmer, and planted thousands of trees on the McCully property. Click here to find out more about our tree-focused programs.

Be careful, you never know who you might come across hiding in the woods!
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