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By reserving the cabin you are in agreement with this policy.

Please be aware that the Watkins Place is located in the woods. There are insects in the woods including mosquitoes, ticks, and spiders. There are also animals that you shouldn’t be friendly with, to name a few: squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, deer, coyotes, bobcats and snakes.  If you leave any food outside, animals will come, so please keep all food items inside.

Prior to the rental of the cabins we require that you agree to this rental policy and by submitting a reservation you are verifying that you have read and understand this policy.

Check in arrangements should be made prior to arrival (at the time of reservation if possible). Generally check in should occur between 3 pm & 5 pm, however,  we will honor reasonable requests for check-in.  Check-out is easy, just leave the keys on the kitchen counter.  Check-out time is by 11 am.

You are responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged content in the cabin and the cabin itself during your stay.

McCully Heritage Project is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal contents of guests at the cabin.

McCully Heritage Project is not responsible for any actions you or your guests take or do while staying at the cabin or its grounds.

Cancellations made 7 days or more prior to arrival date will be refunded deposit minus a $20.00 handling fee via a check in the mail.

Cancellations made 7 days or less prior to arrival date will be charged full amount of stay.

Reservations made for 7 or more consecutive days require a 14 day cancellation notice.

Returned check fee is $30.00.

Reservations require a  50% deposit (made by check or through PayPal). Balance of payment is due upon check in.

 McCully Heritage Project reserves the right to cancel reservations made without completed payment.

McCully Heritage Project reserves the right to vacate any guest if any portion of the rental policy is violated.

Guests are responsible for all damage and damages will be assessed and charged.

Only the number of specified guests is allowed in the cabin. If it is found that you have more than the number of specified guests at any time in the cabin, you will be charged an extra $50 per night gathering fee.

Smoking is not allowed in the cabins.  If guest smoke in the cabin they will be charged a smoke odor removal fee of $50.  (Yes we will be able to tell if you smoked in the cabin. Just don’t do it.)

McCully Heritage Project is not responsible for items left in the cabin. Claimed items must be retrieved within 14 days of departure date or will be disposed of. Items may be mailed upon request and guests are responsible for all shipping costs and handling fee of $10 minimum.

If you rearrange or move the furniture, please return it to where you found it.  Do not move furniture outside the cabin!

Do not leave doors open and allow excessive amounts of insects into the cabin.
Firewood is provided for the campfire. Do not collect firewood from the forest and do not bring your own firewood (this is an environmental issue).

Do not burn trash in the fire pit. Dispose of all trash in the trash can.

Access to the cabin requires passing through our neighbor’s front yard.  Please be respectful of them and their property.

Daily cleaning service is not provided with your stay.  If you need extra towels or bed linens that is your responsibility.  Information about the local laundry mat is located in the ‘information binder.’

Cleaning policy is posted in cabin and includes the following:

-empty grounds from coffee maker and clean coffee pot

-wash all used dishes (leaving in drainer post-wash is fine)

-dont worry about making beds – linens will be stripped and cleaned after your stay.

-remove all garbage from cabin and take trash to outdoor can

-do not put loose trash (without a bag) in cans.  Trash bags are provided for your use.  If you have excessive trash it can be disposed of in the McCully Heritage Project dumpster at our main site. Do not burn trash!  We can recycle aluminum cans only – feel free to rinse and leave in a separate bag for recycling. -wipe down all counters and table

-clean any spills on flooring, furniture, and walls

-clean any spills in refrigerator, and do not leave food in the refrigerator

-place all dirty towels in hamper or in tub

-clean any spills in microwave and stovetop

Failure to comply with any tasks on the cleaning policy will result us keeping your cleaning deposit.


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